January 2019

Ragers 1:  12th January

Arvo Gang 2:  19th January

Ragers 2 :  26th January


Teen Time:

7th January  –  swimming @ Nana Glen & BBQ

8th January  –  Chocolate Factory & Picnic

9th January  –  Moonee Beach & BBQ

10th January  –  Boambee Reserve & Picnic

11th January  –  Beach Volley Ball & Picnic

14th January  –  Sword Club and BBQ

15th January  –  Sawtell picnic

16th January  –  Woolgoolga Pool & Picnic

17th January  –  Urunga Boardwalk & BBQ

18th January  –  Springloaded & Picnic

21st January  –  Coffs Adventure Centre & Picnic

22nd January  –  Woolgoolga & BBQ

23rd January  –  Zumba & Picnic

24th January  –  Kegel & BBQ

24th January – Superhero Super Party

25th January  –  Party dress up day

February 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  2nd February

Ragers 1:  9th February

Arvo Gang 2:  16th February

Ragers 2 :  23rd February

March 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  2nd March

Ragers 1:  9th March

Arvo Gang 2:  16th March

Ragers 2 :  23rd March


April 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  6th April

Ragers 1:  13th April

Arvo Gang 2:  20th April

Ragers 2 :  27th April


May 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  4th May

Ragers 1:  11th May

Arvo Gang 2:  18th May

Ragers 2 :  25th May


June 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  1st June

Ragers 1:  8th June

Arvo Gang 2:  15th June

Ragers 2 :  22nd June


July 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  6th July

Ragers 1:  13th July

Arvo Gang 2:  20th July

Ragers 2 : 27th July

August 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  3rd August

Ragers 1:  10th August

Arvo Gang 2:  17th August

Ragers 2 : 24th August



September 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  7th September

Ragers 1:  14th September

Arvo Gang 2:  21st September

Ragers 2 :  28th September


October 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  5th October

Ragers 1:  12th October

Arvo Gang 2:  19th October

Ragers 2 :  26th October


November 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  2nd November

Ragers 1:  9th November

Arvo Gang 2:  16th November

Ragers 2 :  23rd November


December 2019

Arvo Gang 1:  7th December

Ragers 1:  14th December

Arvo Gang 2:  21st December







  • Just wanted to thank you for the amazing support staff you have put into our home to help with our daughter . One outstanding support worker supported her in such a professional manner , and was not afraid to help in any way she could .

    Participant Feedback

  • “R&R gave me my first real opportunity to work in a new industry following my career change. I value the opportunity that you extended, the way in which everyone at R&R including Admin, Coordinators and fellow Support Workers welcomed the new greenhorn and the valuable experience gained. ”

    “Wonderful organisation doing some great programs and initiatives.”

    “Great place to work with awesome staff and clients keep up the good work”

    “I am very grateful and blessed that I have been part of a wonderful service during my time at R&R Disability Services.”

    Staff Feedback

  • I’m emailing today to tell you how great my support worker is; not only is he very patient, helpful and quick-thinking, but he’s also the most friendly worker I’ve had to date. Whenever I’m not feeling my best, he seems to see that and not push me to do things that I’d otherwise be willing to do, however when I am feeling able to do things, he encourages me to do it myself, he teaches me how to do it if I’m not understanding, or congratulates me when I do it by myself.

    Another Participant

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